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Floral Tributes:

Say farewell with our exquisite range of bespoke floral tributes. Each arrangement is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique personality and cherished memories of your loved one. Our skilled floral designers take pride in curating arrangements that go beyond the ordinary, incorporating personalised elements that resonate with your sentiments. Whether it's a symbol of a favourite pastime, a beloved hobby, or a signature bloom, our bespoke tributes are a touching and meaningful way to pay tribute. Let us create a floral masterpiece that speaks volumes in the language of love and remembrance.

Please view our brochure, bespoke designs are available: Floral Brochure

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At our funeral home, we understand that each journey of remembrance is as unique as the life it honours. Our vehicles are spacious and dignified and designed for comfort during these difficult times. For those seeking a touch of classic elegance, our horse and carriage conveyance offers a timeless and dignified procession. Alternatively, our motorcycle sidecar is a distinctive choice, symbolizing a life lived on the open road. Whichever you choose, our aim is to ensure that every detail of your loved one's final journey is a reflection of their individuality and the memories you hold dear.

Coffin Selection:

When it comes to choosing a coffin, our eco-friendly options offer a sustainable choice, designed to minimise the ecological footprint, ensuring a dignified farewell that's kind to our planet. Our wood coffins are carefully selected for their beauty and for being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council standards. Wicker coffins exude a natural and comforting warmth, providing a gentle, rustic touch to the proceedings. For those seeking the timeless beauty of nature, our range of coffins crafted from natural woods seamlessly blend with the environment, embracing the circle of life in its most authentic form. Your choice of coffin reflects the values and memories you hold dear, and we're here to guide you through the process.

This is our standard coffin range, other coffins, caskets and personalised coffins are available on request.

Please view our brochure: Coffins Brochure

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Ashes into Glass remembrance jewellery is a poignant fusion of artistry and sentiment. Crafted with precision and care, it encapsulates the essence of a loved one by incorporating a small portion of their ashes into each unique piece. This elegant jewellery serves as a tangible connection to cherish their memory. With every touch, you can feel their presence, providing comfort and solace during the grieving process. It's a tangible tribute to the enduring bond that lives on, forever close to your heart.

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Recollections Jewellery provides comfort and  remembrance with grace. This elegant fusion of memory and craftsmanship allows you to carry a tangible piece of them, glistening and timeless, wherever you go. It's a symbol of comfort, a touchstone for your heart, and a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived. With every glance, you'll feel the warmth of their presence, a source of solace and a reminder of the enduring love that continues to connect you.

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