What to Expect on the Day

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Throughout the entirety of the funeral journey, our unwavering commitment is to provide you with steadfast support and guidance. From the initial procession to the concluding wake, our devoted team stands beside you, ensuring that every step is handled with the utmost care and profound respect.

Before the day of the funeral, we work closely with you to comprehend your preferences and fulfil any last wishes you may have. Our team assists in selecting a fitting tribute and offers a comprehensive guide, addressing any inquiries that may arise.

On the day of the funeral, our Funeral Directors oversee all necessary preparations, ensuring a seamless and punctual service. Your family and friends are transported in luxurious limousines, while your loved one is meticulously prepared in accordance with your wishes before being transferred in one of our top-quality hearses. Any chosen floral tributes or portraits are thoughtfully placed inside the hearse.

Throughout the funeral procession, commencing from the home of the deceased, our Funeral Directors carefully map out the route and ensure an adequate number of pallbearers to convey the coffin with the utmost respect. If you have specific requests, such as a preferred route or stops at meaningful landmarks, we do our utmost to accommodate them.

Upon arrival at the church or crematorium, your Funeral Director has meticulously arranged all essential details, including requested music and order of service sheets. They liaise with the service conductor and chapel attendants, ensuring a seamless and harmonious experience. The Funeral Director expertly guides you and your guests into the venue, ensuring everyone is comfortably seated before commencing with the funeral service. Should a committal service be part of the plan, whether at the same location or a different one based on burial or cremation, the Funeral Director provides steadfast guidance.

We can assist you in locating local venues for a wake or reception and can accompany you to the selected destination.

After the funeral, we follow up with you to ensure that everything proceeded smoothly. We offer guidance on collecting the ashes and selecting a memorial, and we can also assist in arranging the return or placement of flowers and wreaths.

undertakers manchester, funeral home failsworth, failsworth funeral directors  

undertakers manchester, funeral home failsworth, failsworth funeral directors